Peach Trees

Peach trees in our list this year range further and wider than ever before, – white fleshed peaches, yellow fleshed peaches, clingstone peaches, fresh eatering peaches, dwarf peach trees, standard sized peach trees…something for everyone.

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    The Peachcot is a great eating fruit, early maturing. The flavour is between a peach and an apricot.
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    Salway peach

    Salway peach is one of the oldest varieties of peach in our collection… if you are looking for an heirloom peach, this is probably it. Salway is large, yellow fleshed, red flushed, firm and also cooks quite well, sweet, mid season
    $28.00 inc. GST

  • Zerbe Peach

    Zerbe peach

    Zerbe peach is a local Victorian selection, chosen by the same family that discovered the Anzac peach, excellent quality, white fleshed offering, rare these days Ripens: January Pollinate with: Self fertile  
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  • blackboy peach

    Blackboy peach

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    Blackboy peach is currently one of our most sought after peaches, well loved by New Zealanders, this peach, also called Peche de Vigne, or Black peach, has a deeply dark mysterious looking flesh, with terrific peach flavour, a real novelty Ripens:  Late February Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • Golden Queen peach

    Golden Queen peach

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    The most famous of all clingstones, the Golden Queen peach has big yellow peaches, yellow clingstone flesh, rippers for bottling Ripens:   Late February/March Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • TreePeachOHenry

    O’Henry peach

    The O'Henry peach is a late ripening yellow fleshed peach, full red skin, very popular fresh eating and also good preserving, strong, vigourous, heavy bearing tree, one of the best, originating in N.S.W. Ripens: late Feb/March Pollinate with: Self fertile
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  • Lena Kirsten

    Lena Kirsten peach

    The Lena Kirsten peach is a white fleshed freestone peach, selected by old N.S.W. nurseryman, ripens early - mid season, red skin on cream and green background, the flesh has lovely flavour, with some crispness, low chill variety Ripens:  January Pollinate with: Self fertile
    $28.00 inc. GST

  • China Flat peach

    China Flat peach

    Another 'Donut' type peach, the China Flat peach is the flattest of them all, white fleshed peach, low winter chill hours, will cope with humidity in warmer northern climates (also suits coastal planting), greenish skin tinted red, slipstone Pollinate with: Self fertile Chill hours: approx 200 hours (low)
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  • Dwarf peach Queensland

    Dwarf Queensland peach

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    The Dwarf Queensland peach reaches a total of 1.5 - 2 metres at full maturity, long thin leaves are glossy and dark green, a beautiful display of rose-pink flowers in Spring, fruits mid season, skin orange yellow with a deep red blush on the sunny side, flesh golden, with melting sweet flavour Ripens:   Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • Donut peach

    Donut peach

    The Donut peach is a unique white fleshed fruit, with a flattened centre - a genuine donut shape, sweet, with a mild flavour, low chill - only needs about 250 hours Ripens:  January
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