Nectarine Trees

Nectarine trees are offered mostly on standard sized rootstocks this year- and will make 3-4 metre trees in best conditions. Dwarf Nectarine trees are also listed here – Sunny Dwarf Nectarine, and Yellow Dwarf nectarine, and will yield nectarine trees of approximately 1.5 metres high

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    Newboy nectarine

    Newboy nectarine is one of the newer varieties in our list, Newboy has sweet juicy white flesh and very good deep red skin colouring, very high quality fruit, Medium to large sized, freestone, ripens January, self fertile.
    $28.00 inc. GST

  • arctic sweet nectarine

    Arctic Sweet nectarine

    Arctic Sweet is a highly-colored nectarine with very sweet, white clingstone flesh. Ripening just after Arctic Star, the fruit exhibits good size and impressive skin color (80-90% bright red over white). The tree is vigorous and productive.  Arctic Sweet nectarine is a low chill cultivar - one which will also grow and fruit in warmer northern climates, Arctic sweet nectarine has firm crisp white flesh, and is a good fresh eater. Ripens: Feb Pollinates : Self fertile
    $28.00 inc. GST

  • Dwarf nectarine

    Dwarf Yellow nectarine

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    The Dwarf Yellow nectarine is suitable for small spaces, similar in size and capabilities to Sunny Dwarf, ripening at different times, good flavour, succulent yellow flesh
  • Dwarf Sunny nectarine

    Dwarf Sunny nectarine

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    Dwarf Sunny nectarine is suitable for small spaces and little backyards, very good as a potted tree, a genuinely dwarfed specimen which if planted in the ground will grow 1 – 1.5 metres, fruits remain normal sized, good flavour, sweet yellow flesh
  • nectarine maygrand

    Maygrand nectarine

    Maygrand nectarine produces bright red glossy fruit, medium sized, yellow flesh with red streaks, really good flavour, very good fresh eating and also good bottler, early season. Ripens: January Pollinate with: Self fertile
    $28.00 inc. GST

  • Flavortop nectarine

    Flavourtop nectarine

    The Flavourtop nectarine is a good yellow fleshed freestone nectarine, plenty of red blush, attractive appearance, fruit well liked by many people, cropping mid season, excellent flavour, one of the best. Ripens: late Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Self fertile
    $28.00 inc. GST


    Goldmine nectarine

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    Classic old fashioned Australian nectarine, the Goldmine nectarine has melting white flesh, gorgeous flavour, freestone, easy to grow and ripening late, smaller sized fruits, our most sought after nectarine. Ripens: late Feb/March Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • Emillie nectarine

    Emillie nectarine

    Emillie nectarine is white fleshed, tender and juicy, medium sized fruits and a very good bearer. Early ripening, not available in mainstream nurseries any more. Ripens: January Pollinate with: Self fertile
    $28.00 inc. GST