Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf Fruit Tree varieties includes all types of dwarf fruit trees from our fruit tree catalogue….dwarf apricots are NEW, dwarf plum trees also NEW, dwarf quinces, dwarf cherries, dwarf apple trees, dwarf medlar trees, dwarf nectarine trees, and more

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    Dwarf Black Mulberry

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    Dwarf Black Mulberry is a genuinely dwarfed version of the standard black mulberry tree, perfect for small spaces and little backyards, the dwarf black mulberry tree will grow to approx 2 metres in height, and remain at a manageable small size, giving ease of picking, pruning and netting, the tree bears normal sized berries
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    Dwarf Dabinett Cider apple

    Dwarf Dabinett is an antique French cider variety, we have grafted it onto dwarfing (2 metre high) rootstock this year to give manageably sized free standing trees, or also suited to close planting on trellis etc Dabinett cider apple produces fruit that are fairly large, with bright red skin, and soft flesh, harvests midseason. Ripens: April Pollinate with: Self fertile Type: Bittersweet
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  • dwarf apricot divinity

    Dwarf Divinity Apricot

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    Dwarf Divinity Apricot is a 2 -2.5 metre tree - a genuinely small to mid sized tree, that bears good crops of standard sized Divinity apricots. Great for small backyards and limited spaces, Dwarf Divinity apricot produces fruit with a good sweet flavour, excellent drying or fresh eating, probably one of the best early season apricots in most areas, ripens late season when the tree is young but becomes an early ripener with maturity, heavy bearer, medium sized fruit Ripens: Nov/Dec Pollinate with: Self fertile
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    Dwarf Howell Pear

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    Dwarf Howell Pear
  • ducchess D'Angloueme pear

    Dwarf Pyvert Pear

    Dwarf Pyvert pear is a midget pear tree. Upright with densely covered branches, with large bright green leaves. This compact tree is ideal for the small garden or for a large planter pot. Pyvert Pear bears large, slightly rounded, green skinned, full size fruit, spreads 1.5 metres high and 1.5 metres wide, self pollinating
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  • dwarf tilton apricot

    Dwarf Tilton Apricot

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    Dwarf Tilton apricot is a 2 - 2.5 metre high apricot tree, a genuine semi dwarf apricot which produces a good crop of standard sized Tilton fruits. Great for smaller areas and limited backyards, Dwarf Tilton is a hardy tree, recommended for cooler areas, probably one of the better chances of getting decent apricots in the difficult colder areas where stone fruit will sometimes struggle. Smaller fruit with very sweet flavour and nice colour, self fertile
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    Masters Early Quince

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    Masters Early is one of the first quinces to come ripe, large, round, good flavour, nice jelly,
  • van deman quince

    Van Deman Quince

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    Van Deman quince
  • dwarf plum mariposa

    Dwarf Mariposa plum

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    Dwarf Mariposa plum is a brand new addition to our list this year - one of the most popular old blood plums in our list, and now grafted onto semi dwarfing rootstock, yields a dwarf plum tree of around two metres, and carries a genuine fruit load. Ripens: January Pollinates with: Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Dwarf Santa Rosa Chill hours: approx 250 hours (low)    
  • dwarf plum satsuma

    Dwarf Satsuma plum

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    Dwarf Satsuma plum is the dwarf form (two metres high) of maybe the most well known of all blood plums, mid season ripening in February, one of the most reliable plums in our list - crops year in year out, largest in size, rounded dark red, firm juicy flesh, described by one local nurseryman here as having a ‘satisfying clove like depth’ of flavour. Dwarf Satsuma plum is a good bearer, useful for preserving and bottling, quite self fertile on its own, only needs 300-400 winter chill hours. Ripens: February Pollinates with: Self fertile, Dwarf Mariposa, Santa Rosa Chill Hours: 300-400
  • dwarf plum santa rosa

    Dwarf Santa Rosa plum

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    Dwarf Santa Rosa plum is a dwarf form (two metre high) of the popular early plum, yellow flesh, purple red skin, cherry plum flavours, upright tree, self fertile, and one of the best pollinators for other varieties, a long time favourite, and now in a very manageably sized tree. Dwarf Plum Santa Rosa is perfect for fitting into backyard sized spaces, while still giving really good heavy yields of full sized plums. Ripens: Dec/Jan Pollinates with: Self fertile, Mariposa, Santa Rosa, Narrabeen Chill hours: approx 300 hours (low)
  • Autumn Bliss raspberries

    Autumn Bliss raspberries (pack of five)

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    Autumn Bliss raspberries are an autumn fruiting variety of raspberry, with excellent colour, size, flavour, used for eating fresh, jams, frozen, Autumn Bliss will extend the picking season significantly on other raspberry varieties
  • trevatt apricot tree

    Dwarf Trevatt apricot

    Dwarf Trevatt apricot is a brand new 2 metre tall version of the popular Trevatt. Widely planted in both gardens and orchards in the last few decades, large round fruit, flavour very good if left on the tree long enough (which it usually isn’t when coming out of commercial orchards – which is why it is so important to grow your own!) Dwarf Apricot Trevatt has light yellow skin with strong coloured orange flesh, good for canning, drying and eating fresh. Ripens: Mid January Pollinate with: Self fertile  
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  • moorpark apricot tree

    Dwarf Moorpark apricot

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    The Dwarf  Moorpark apricot has been grafted onto semi dwarfing (2 metre high) rootstock, this is the classic apricot of the last century or so. It has stood the  test of time and for good reason- excellent flavour, performs well across a wide range of locales, useful fruit for fresh eating and for cooking jam – pretty delicate so doesn’t hold its shape in bottling etc - and now it comes in a manageably sized tree Ripens: January Pollinate with: Self fertile
  • golden delicious apple tree

    Dwarf Golden Delicious apple

    The Golden Delicious apple is well known in Australia, shiny yellow to gold thin skinned fruit with refreshing light flavour, sweet crisp fleshand plenty of juice, best eaten raw, very reliable. This version grows to approximately two metres, in its full height as a dwarf. Ripens: March/April Pollinate with: Freyberg, Jonathan, Lady Williams, Sturmer Pippin, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Rokewood, Cox's Orange
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  • van deman quince

    Rea’s Mammoth quince

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    Rea's Mammoth quince is one of the strains of the Orange quince, characterised by very large quinces and a productive tree, foliage quite dark, and the fruit keeps well after maturity
  • Chilcotin

    Chilcotin raspberries (pack of five)

    Chilcotin raspberries are a heavy cropper, ripening mid season over about four to five weeks, canes can grow quite tall compared to other varieties
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  • Autumn Bliss raspberries

    Chilliwack raspberries (pack of five)

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    Chilliwack raspberries are a popular variety, originally coming out of Canada, excellent colour, size, flavour and rot resistance, tall erect spineless canes
  • heritage raspberries

    Heritage raspberries (pack of five)

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    Heritage raspberries start cropping in late summer and continues right through to the end of autumn. Fruit comes on the new current season growth, and pruning is easy – just cut out all canes, or mow straight over the top of them. Does well in different localities, also recommended as the best variety for subtropical / low chill areas
  • s Miniature peach

    Dwarf Jeannette’s Miniature peach

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    The Dwarf Jeannette's Miniature peach, reaches a total of 1 -1.5 metres at full maturity, fruits mid season, skin orange yellow with a deep red blush on the sunny side, flesh golden, with good flavour, very fine leaflets and form Ripens:  Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Self fertile

  • Dwarf peach Queensland

    Dwarf Queensland peach

    The Dwarf Queensland peach reaches a total of 1.5 - 2 metres at full maturity, long thin leaves are glossy and dark green, a beautiful display of rose-pink flowers in Spring, fruits mid season, skin orange yellow with a deep red blush on the sunny side, flesh golden, with melting sweet flavour Ripens:   Jan/Feb Pollinate with: Self fertile
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